our themes

VIA IURIS promotes effective public participation in decision and policy making. The citizens have to be able to participate effectively in various permission procedures that affect their lives. They ought to have access to information and access to justice in matters of public interest, such as the environmental protection and accountability of state institutions and municipalities. We support and provide assistance not only to “White Crows” but also to people who are threatened while advocating the public interest.

VIA IURIS promotes systemic measures to strengthen the independence of  courts, public prosecution and police and to eliminate political influence on them. These institutions are the fundamental elements of the rule of law and crucial in securing equality before the law and enforcing the justice. These institutions ought to guarantee the exercise of public power by elected officials in compliance with the public interest, not the private interests of oligarchs. They have to guarantee that everyone is held accountable for overstepping of the law, even politicians.