Our Mission

More than 20 years, VIA IURIS has been standing on the side of justice fighting in legal cases where the powerful bend the law to their advantage. Our strategic initiatives are citizens' participation in governance and effective functioning of public authorities, particularly the judiciary.

We are an expert organization using legal tools to defend and promote the public interest.

We prepare and promote changes to legislation, we elaborate analyses, provide consultations and legal representation in strategic cases, we organize legal conferences and we present our thoughts and ideas to the general public.


28. Apr. 2016

The Supreme Court reversed the authorisation proceeding of the small hydroelectric power plant in a neighbour area of Banská Bystrica

In Iliaš, part of Banská Bystrica, the investor plans to build another hydroelectric power plant on the river Hron. Construction of the plant would be in contradiction with the city´s land-use plan in force. Moreover administrative authorities did not carry out any environmental impact assessment. Environmental associations together with local people and help of VIA IURIS thus brought the case to the court.  |more ...

18. Apr. 2016

Zuzana Čaputová receives today the prestigious Goldman prize

Zuzana Čaputová from the organization VIA IURIS receives today in San Francisco the international award Goldman Environmental Prize. She receives this prestigious award for her long-term community and legal leadership in the case of the Pezinok landfill.|more ...

17. Apr. 2016

We sent to the Ministry of Justice our proposal suggesting evaluation grid

We sent to the Ministry of Justice our proposal suggesting which criteria should the evaluation commissions take into account in the process of selection of judges. Since the Government has included into its programme declaration our recommendation to select judges on the basis of uniform evaluation grid.|more ...

14. Apr. 2016

Environmental impact of the grit quarry in Ludrová will be reviewed

Public administration bodies will have to review whether the extension of the grit quarry in Ludrová requires environmental impact assessment. Such was the decision of the Regional court in Žilina who confirmed the arguments of the Institutes for the nature protection. Legal assistance including the legal representation before court was provided for the Institute by VIA IURIS.|more ...

10. Feb. 2016

Active politician should not become judges of the Constitutional Court

According to the most recent survey lead by VIA IURIS 8 from 10 persons consider as being inappropriate when active politicians run for the position of judge of the Constitutional Court.|more ...


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